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Celebrating 50 Years in Preservation Aldershot & District Dennis Lance 145
by Susie Powell

He was tall, dark & handsome (? - Ed.), 20 years old, a trainee railway engineer and he bought a bus, a double decker, what else? Imagine the conversation, "I've bought a bus Mum, Dad. Mind if I park it in the garden?"

From day one a visitor's book was signed by all the many individuals that helped in some form or other over the long years of the restoration of 145. Hundreds of people had been actively involved, either 'hands on' or helping with research of the vehicle and or taking part in the many rallies over the 50 years.

When Tim Stubbs hit on the idea of celebrating the 50th anniversary of ownership he was able to contact many people via the book to invite them to join in the special day. It was planned to take 145 back to it's former Aldershot & District depot at Hindhead, running an hourly shuttle service on the 18 route to Haslemere Station, one of the services worked by 145 between 1950 and 1962. Sadly the original depot no longer exists but the manager of the nearby National Trust property happily agreed Tim could use their car park as a terminus.

July 19th 2014 was selected for the outing. It was a wonderful day, the sun shone, many old friends attended, some coming from far afield. Tim, James Freeman, and Ian Thompson drove, David Smith and Mike Johnson conducted using the special 'insert' tickets meticulously printed by Tim. There was much reminiscing and lots of 'catch up', using the National Trust café between trips. The old bus took her time on the long steep hill from Haslemere to Hindhead, otherwise there were no problems. A glorious day enjoyed by all.

50 years on, he is tall, white haired, still handsome and he still owns the bus. Both are in pretty good nick, though the bus has needed more restoration than Tim to keep it in its former glory! They've fared well over the past 50 years.

 A very early picture of Tim with 145, taken in 1964.

Tim with 145 - 1964
145 at Hindhead
145 is seen here turning from the old A3 at Hindhead onto the hill down to Haslemere. Just behind the bus to the left was the site of the old A&D depot.
(Photo by Mike Stephens)

50 Years in Preservation

50 Years in Preservation.

Cover of a 28 page booklet outlining the history of the bus.
145 at Haslemere Station
145 at Haslemere Station with one of it’s drivers, James Freeman, standing to the right.
(Photo by Mike Stephens)
Crew of 145
Some of the crew at the end of the day. From left to right Ian Thompson, Mike Johnson, Dave Smith and Tim Stubbs.
(Photo by Susie Powell)

From the Aldershot & District Bus Interest Group's Newsletter, Issue No. 82
Autumn 2014

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