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Alexander Dennis Limited
Alexander Dennis is the world's leading manufacturer of double deck buses and low floor, easy access, midi and single deck vehicles
The National Association of Road Transport Museums (NARTM) is an informal organisation of over 60 museums and collections, formed in August 1981.
The PSV CIRCLE was formed nearly sixty years ago with the aim of ensuring the membership is provided with accurate and up to date information
The Classic Buses Website
This site by Dick Gilbert has lots of bus information and photos, also on this site is a page dedicated to Dennis Lancets operated by Aldershot & District Traction Company Ltd. in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex both before and after the second world war. Biographies of Aldershot & District Dennis Lancets. also see East Kent Dennis Lancets. This page is a profile of the extensive fleet of Dennis Lancet single-decker buses and coaches that East Kent operated.
The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs
The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs is a grouping of some 370 Clubs and Museums together with over 1500 Trade and Individual Supporters.
The aim of the Federation is to uphold the freedom to use old vehicles on the roads without any undue restriction and to support its member organisations in whatever way it can.
Online Bicycle Museum
An overview of Dennis bicycles in preservation.
Aldershot & District Bus Interest Group
Aldershot & District Traction Co. Ltd was the company that ran buses from 1912 up to 1971 the site also covers the Alder Valley company from 1972 to 1992.
Aldershot & District Omnibuses Rescue & Restoration Society The Society was formed in 1996 to save two 1928 former Aldershot and District Dennis E buses from a field at Four Marks, Hampshire.
Friends of King Alfred Buses
Friends of King Alfred Buses (FoKAB) Preserving King Alfred Buses & Coaches and the memory of King Alfred Motor Services that operated from 1920 to 1973 in Winchester and central Hampshire.
Our Transport Heritage
Commemorating Britain's rich and globally important legacy in the development of transport - on rail, road, water and in the air.
'Toastrack' (CC 8671)
The 'Toastrack' is a 1929 vintage Dennis bus owned by the Southampton University Engineering Society (SUES) since 1958 and driven and maintained by students and staff of the university. It still sees regular use and you can even book it for your event.
Sydney Bus Museum
Sydney Bus Museum. The museum is located in Sydney's only surviving intact tram depot at Tempe. See Australia's biggest collection of historic buses and transport treasures.
Dennis Fire Engines in preservation
This site has lists and photos of Dennis Fire Engines in preservation, also has some download of Dennis Handbooks, Instruction Books and more
British Lawnmower Museum
This Museum has now become one of the Worlds leading authorities on vintage lawnmowers and are now specialists in antique garden machinery
The Old Lawnmower Club
The Old Lawnmower Club was formed in 1990 to promote the collection, preservation and display of lawn mowers made from 1830 onwards. We have more than 500 members around the world.
A History of Dennis Mowers
A history of Dennis mowers, also on this site you can see the newer mowers with the Dennis bage
The Origins of the Rodboro' Building
A history of the Rodboro' Building by the Guildford Society
DVLA Vehicle licensing Online
From this page you can "Apply for a tax disc", "Declare SORN", "Vehicle Enquiry" and more

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