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The Green 6-Tonner

Gareth hayton found the tax discs illustrated in interesting circumstances.

He recently purchased a 1957 Fordson Major tractor and removed the 1986 tax disc to find a bit of an archive of them behind it. At the back were some quarterly and annual discs belonging to another vehicle, a green Dennis 6 Ton ULW truck, reg number GU 6060 from the 1930's. There are a total of seven discs, expiring between December 1931 and March 1934, the first six being quarterly at £16/10/-, the last a half year at £33/-/-. All relate to the same green vehicle, GU 6060, it's taxation class being described as MAX on the first six and 6 tons on the last. All were issued in London.

He bought the tractor in Wales, but it was purchased in Surrey or Sussex by the last owner and presumably the bolt on type tax disc holder was kicking about and got put on the tractor. The Fordson tractor appears to have been registered from new in 1957 (many were never registered, being used only on farms), so presumably it was taxed from new also and required a tax disc holder.

Other discs in the holder indicate that the tractor was in the Horley, Surrey, area from 1977 to 1986. Please get in touch if you know anything about GU6060 or whether it still, exists?

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