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Fire Fighting
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Longreach Fire Brigade
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David Hislop has written about a fire appliance in Queensland, Australia. It is owned by the Longreach Fire Brigade Historical Society and the photo has been provided by Jamie Worland who is a fire fighter, a member of the Society and Workshop Manager. The unit is still registered and used for special events, the most noted is the annual fire trials for the local brigade. These trials are the only ones in Australia and this engine has been doing them since being put into service in 1936. The engine was used in the trials in 1937 and this year marks the 80th year it has been doing them and still does the same timed events from then to now and is the pride of our community.

This year (2017) has seen some major repairs. At the trials last year the gear box failed and a second hand box was sourced. It required a counter shaft to be made that plus new selector shift plates, rear brake slave cylinders, hoses, master cylinder overhauled, oil leaks repaired on the engine and is now back running again. The last time this unit was used to fight a blaze was in 1997 along with two other units at a major hotel fire. This unit ran for 3½ hours non stop at full pressure supplying water to four branches with 1” bore to contain the blaze.

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