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Fire Engine on TV
Surrey Fire Brigade Dennis F12 Pump Escape
Surrey Fire Brigade Dennis F12 Pump Escape
registration No. PPL 897

On Friday 22nd April 1960 at 7:30pm on BBC TV was an episode of Hancock's Half Hour - The Photographer (Telerecording No. VT/T/7924) in this episode Hancock has broken his ancient camera so he decides to invest in the latest technology. His attempts to take shots of diners in a restaurant end up with him being thrown out. With the first payment on the equipment due, he needs a photo of an incident to sell to the local papers...but Sid's idea involving Hancock as the subject go badly wrong!

There are two scenes with a fire engine leaving a fire station, the fire engine is from the Surrey Fire Brigade Dennis F12 Pump Escape, registration No. PPL 897. In the script it just lists "(Fire Engine Scenes - QUICK CUT to large close-up of a bell clanging in fire station. The firemen sliding down the pole. The fire engine coming out of the station. Shot of it tearing through the streets.)" This fire engine is now in preservation.

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