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Essex Car

Essex Car

There is a little bit of doubt about this one and so we appeal for additional information anyone can offer regarding this car.

Ian Fuller has been researching Essex registered vehicles and found the picture. Unfortunately part of the registration number is obscured. He states that if the missing letter is 'F', then the Essex registration records record it as a 14hp Dennis Tonneau. So is it? John Dennis offers the following comments. It could be a Dennis as there are certain similarities such as the dumb irons, scuttle, steering column and steering wheel. The radiator profile is certainly as a Dennis but the core is not honeycomb as one would expect, and the top tank of the radiator seems to be missing from a Dennis design (made I believe by Serck). Finally the gear change is, I believe, quadrant rather than gate which would put the date as about 1905 if it was a Dennis. The only query I have is the radiator which may have been Dennis but not of a design that I have seen before.

Ian confirms that F1496 was a July 1905 vehicle, so perhaps we are there! Additional comments welcome.

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