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Seaside Ace

Peter O'Callaghan has been busy researching summer services in Hastings and Bexhill-on-Sea. He found these photos on the web. Maidstone & District didn't buy much from Dennis but they did have 4 Aces which were eventually cut down to open-top form for the Hastings Town Tour in 1951 although one of them, TO4, was actually sent to Bexhill that summer for a similar venture there which was not perpetuated in subsequent years. The shots are of TO4 in Bexhill, taken in 1951, and very well patronised for a late afternoon / early evening 'Sea Front Drive'. The route taken is shown on the handbill and we are very fortunate that someone had the presence of mind to take this picture for us at the Marina. Note the 'Cafe Continental' which sounds a bit racy for genteel Bexhill! The other shot shows the same vehicle in Hastings.

Seaside Ace
(Photos Southdown Enthusiasts Club)
Seaside Ace
(Photos M&D and East Kent Bus Club)
Sea-Front Service Sea-Front Service

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