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Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting took place at ADL Guildford
on Saturday 5th December 2015.

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The following were present: Claire Barrett, Gerry Bixley, Andy Boulton, Noel Clark, John Dennis, Ray Evans, Roy Evans, Dan Finnegan, Ted Gamblin, Norman Hamshere, Ben Hawkins, Dr Barry Hutchinson, Phil Jacob, Chris Kent, Sarah Lee, Bruce MacPhee, Keith Morton, Laurie Powell, Lee Simmonds, George Smith, Dr Trish Smith, Pete Staples, Susie Stubbs, Tim Stubbs, Geoff Thomas, Glynn Thomas, Peter Trevaskis, James Woodcock, Oliver Woodcock and Keith Woodward.

The following vehicles were present:- OU 9286, 1931 Dennis 30cwtand the ADL museum collection was open for viewing.

Apologies were received from: Paul Andrews, Glen and Marg Boom, Mike Cammack, George Cooper, Peter Davies, Brian Finch, Brian Goldsmith, Baz Green, Roger Heard, Ashley Hoare, Roy Miles, Eric Mouser, Derek Priddle, David Rowell, Gary Skinner, Malcolm Spalding, Nigel Tilly and Nick Webster.

2. The Chairman, Andy Boulton welcomed all to the meeting. All present introduced themselves and indicated their respective connections with Dennis, which were many and varied.

Andy Boulton gave his chairman's report saying that he is now in a post in Hong Kong and apologised for the delays this had caused in setting a date for this AGM. He noted several developments during the past year and described some of the e-mail received.

The Secretary, Tim Stubbs gave his report indicating that membership had risen over the course of the year from 185 to 199 and listings of known preserved Dennis vehicles climbed from 795 to 836. He appealed for anyone with knowledge of preserved Dennis vehicles which are not listed to advise the details, with a photograph if possible, so that they can be included in the register, particularly lawn mowers. He also gave statistics for web site usage, e-mail activity and statistics in the use of the members message board, the latter having picked up considerably.

Tim commented on highlights of the year, including discovery of a 1902 Dennis Tricycle, publication of chassis lists and authorisation to process V765 registration application.

The Treasurer, Laurie Powell, presented the financial statement for the year ending 31st December 2014 noting a surplus for the year of £377 and a current balance of £2307. Copies of the accounts were circulated.

4. It was noted that the officials are prepared to stand for a further year and there being no new nominations, the existing committee were re-elected en-bloc.
5. Andy Boulton gave an update on current developments at ADL. The company are exploiting markets around the world and now assembling vehicles in Canada and China, amongst other places. A new ultra low E500 has been launched and all-electric city vehicles for use in London.
6. Ben Hawkins stated the first chassis lists are now available on the DS Web site. There is much to do and an appeal was made for help with this. Andy Boulton stated that records from the 1980s can be made available in electronic format and these can be added to the Web site.
7. Baz Green was unable to attend but gave written update on Fire Engines matters which was presented to the meeting. The text is attached as an appedix to these notes.
8. Tim Stubbs gave an account of our application to become a recognised society for approval of registration numbers under the V765 scheme. There was a debate as to the way this could be implemented and some helpful suggestions were made. Barry Hutchinson has agreed to pilot the scheme.

It was agreed that subscriptions remain at the present level £5 for individuals and £10 for groups with e-mail access. Those present were asked to renew and an e-mail request will be sent to the remainder of the membership.

For the 2016 AGM, it intended to hold this in May and there was a discussion as to the best location. It was agreed that as the membership is predominantly in the South East, we would again focus on Guildford. However, the possibility of arranging a site visit to the Dennis Eagle factory at Warwick would be investigated and also a possible visit to Barry Hutchinson's collection of fire engines in the North East.

10. Under AOB, a discussion took place regarding the availability of Dennis manuals and handbooks. These can be copied for members on request and a small charge to cover this would be made. The list of available manuals on the Web site will be updated.
11. Following the formal part of the meeting, the assembled company undertook a tour of the ADL production facility.

Fire Engine report from Baz Green
Firstly….I would like to offer my apologies for not being with you all this morning and to deliver my report personally.
During the year I have continued to locate and record Dennis fire appliances, the current 'scores on the doors' stand at 643 and although I feel that we have the vast majority of vehicles still in captivity new ones still keep appearing 'out of the woodwork' the latest one just two days ago. Long may they continue.

We have had many requests for information in respect of Dennis Fire Engines throughout the year mostly via Tim but others directly and I have been able to answer quite a few. I have tried to promote the Society mainly via social media and am aware that several new members have joined as a result of this.
As long as it is the desire and wish of the Society I am more than happy to continue in my endeavours.
As I conclude my report can I wish members present a very successful meeting and visit and a safe journey home….and also wish all members of the Society a joyous and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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